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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are you ready to Go Barefoot? Part II

Here's an excellent video showing some simple tests to evaluate your foot strength. It also shows exercises to increase the coordination and strength in your feet, so that you prepare yourself to make the leap.

Are you ready to Go Barefoot? Part I

Ok, so you read the book Born to Run and you are inspired to take your running to the next step, figuratively and literally. Do you just chuck your $125 shoes with the pronation control and inches of padding out the window and hit the pavement (or the beach, or the trails) sans shoes?

Definitely not! After a lifetime of a cozy, cushioned existence, your cossetted feet are mostly likely not ready for the demands of barefoot running. In fact, chances are high that you will hurt yourself if you try.

I was delighted to hear this very topic covered on NPR's Fresh Air. Give it a listen, and read the book if you're so inclined. Enjoy!

Click on this link: NPR's Happy Feet

And check out my next post for an informative video on how to assess your readiness to run barefoot, and if you're not, how to prepare yourself to minimize injuries before you try.