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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Updates and Osteopathy

As many of you know, I am taking my healing practice to the next level by applying to osteopathic medical school with the goal of becoming an osteopathic physician, or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy). If you're curious what the difference is between a D.O. and an M.D., I've included a brief explanation at the bottom of this post.

The good news is, I am done with most of the major hurdles of coursework and the application process. Therefore, my schedule has opened up recently and I am back to working four days/week at Midline! (I am also involved in volunteer and internship positions, which takes up the rest of the week, in case you're wondering).

If you've been frustrated lately with finding an appointment time that works for you, I encourage you to try again, as I now have plenty of openings to go around.

The better news is, my summer vacation to Colorado was a SUCCESS--meaning there was much mountain biking, rock climbing, and rambling through the mountains with my dog Moab, and I am BACK TO WORK with renewed focus and vigor. I also attended the first of four (so far) medical school interviews while out there and my fingers are crossed for a good outcome.

The GREAT news is, all this talk of osteopathy and med school has done nothing to diminish my enthusiasm and love of Rolfing® Structural Integration. If anything, I am more excited than ever about what Rolfing SI has to offer and I have an even greater appreciation for how unique and valuable the work is, both in terms of its rightful place in anybody's overall healthcare strategy (IMHO) and its potential to elevate the human potential and spirit. I am determined to serve you, my clients, as diligently and excellently as possible in the time I have left.

Speaking of, plan on scheduling appointments with me through next June, 2016, give or take a week or two. That's almost ten whole months left to finally deal with that shoulder, or knee, or neck or...

Finally, some of you may be unaware that you can schedule appointments with me online. Just go to my website: and click on the "Schedule Now" link at the top of the page. You'll be instructed to register (sigh) with a username and password, and then you'll be on your way.

As promised, here is an explanation of what an osteopathic physician is:

An osteopathic physician has the same rights and responsibilities as an M.D. and undergoes similar training. However, D.O.'s receive additional training in Osteopathic Manual Manipulation (OMM)--a hands-on set of techniques designed to balance and align the body's structure in order to positively affect health (sound familiar?). D.O.'s also approach the body from a holistic perspective, acknowledging the unity of the body, mind and spirit, and looking for the root cause of illness rather than treating the symptoms. For more information, click here.

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